Monday, January 23, 2017

Life on Fort Myers Beach

Local News

Pass Dredging Begins in February
The West Coast Inland Navigation District (WCIND) recently accepted bids for Big Carlos and New Pass dredging from two companies, preparing the way for the first-ever such work on the iconic Big Carlos Pass. “We were to open bids on January 6 but firms requested an extra week due to the complexity of the project,” explains Justin McBride, WCIND executive director in charge of the work. “Marine Contracting Group of Punta Gorda won the mechanical aspect of New Pass for $289,000 while Coastal Dredging of Louisiana received the New Pass and Big Carlos Pass hydraulic work for $2.1 million.” Justin explains mechanical and hydraulic bids were both necessary because the Florida Department of Environmental Protection determined that roughly 6,000 cubic yards of the New Pass dredging material – or about 5% of the 130,000 total cubic yards – is inappropriate for re-nourishment so they must take that away separately; the remainder will restore the beaches at Lovers Key as well as on Fort Myers Beach. FULL STORY

Six Qualify for Fort Myers Beach Town Council Election

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