Monday, July 19, 2010


For those clients that have met Phillip Babcock of Century 21 TriPower Realty they are aware that his showing vehicle is a Diesel Mercedes Station Wagon. However, this Wagon doesn't burn Diesel, it burns used soy, peanut or sunflower oil. That's right, the oil that fried your fish last night at the local restaurant, is powering Phil's Wagon today. When Dr Rudolph Diesel invented his engine in 1898 it was running on peanut oil. That was before Petroleum Products became readly available. Phil is quick to point out that he has to filter out the crab claws and shrimp tails, but then it is ready for his wagon. He also wants to spread the word that his fuel exhaust 75% less pollutants than normal Diesel fuel or Gasoline. His fuel comes from a renewable resource and it is biodegradable if spilled. Come visit Phil in Fort Myers Beach and ride in his green mobile. Yes, it does smell like french fries!! Isn't it about time we all find ways to go a little bit greener. If not now. WHEN?..

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